Principal Biotechnology

Principle Of Bio Tech

Biotechnology is a field of study that uses living organisms or cellular and bio-molecular processes to make new products, solve problems, or provide new methods of production for innovative products. Scientific and technological advances have transformed biotechnology techniques, which have opened the door to a variety of applications and opportunities in areas such as life sciences, health care, agriculture, environment, forestry, and industrial processes.

Department of Biotechnology at I.T.S Paramedical College provides students with unique perspectives and fantastic opportunities to develop their academic and research goals. Everything we learn is directly pertinent to the skills currently demanded in various branches of life sciences. Students in the under graduate and post graduate courses develop highly technical skills and a biotech entrepreneurial spirit as they prepare to take their place at the forefront of exciting new advances in biotechnology.

Faculty members are well recognized for their research activities and they look to their students to engage fully in academic and research-intensive environment. Through this spirit of mentorship and collaboration, many of our students are recognized for research excellence at various research laboratories and institutions.

Graduates of the Biotechnology will have career opportunities at universities, research institutes, and the biotechnology industry in India and abroad.

“Come and Achieve your Goal at I.T.S, You Dream…we will make your Dream come True”


Dr. Fanish Kumar Pandey

(Principal, College of Biotechnology)

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